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Did you mail your order to Labels or Poems?

Thank you for contacting us regarding your order and visiting  We want to give you the best possible information about your order and point you in the right direction. You are probably not aware that Information Products Company (IPC) in Salem, VA went out of business in March of 2015.  We have secured new manufacturers, and offer a greatly expanded selection of labels, but our label sizes are slightly different (we have not been able to find anyone to manufacturer the smaller roll labels for us) and our prices have changed also.  Our current SHEET labels are the same size as our previous roll labels.  We still offer slightly larger ROLL labels.  

If you would like the mail-in your order, select either Sheet Labels Order Form or Roll Labels Order Form for an order form that lists our most common products.  Please be aware that you can also order on line at our website, and when you get to the Checkout Page you will have the option to pay by credit card OR to mail us a check.   If you use this option please be sure and include your order number on your check.   In addition you will find that the website offers many more options than are listed on the mail in order form.